General Melrose Village News

Several things of note are going on in Melrose Village, so this is a general update on these matters.

• Sprouts Farmers Market is scheduled to open in January at the new development going up on the northwest corner of La Brea Ave. and Willoughby Ave.  More details are available in this article in the Park LaBrea News / Beverly Press:  Sprouts Farmers Market to land on La Brea Avenue.

• Peter Nichols, who runs Melrose Action Neighborhood Watch, is included in this article. And speaking of Peter and Melrose Action, they are getting quite active in many ways. Be sure to check out the Melrose Action website, subscribe to their emails, and follow them on Twitter.

• And, on the Melrose Action website, there’s this article about what is being planned for the empty store building on the southwest corner of Melrose Ave. And Gardner Ave. 

• Another current activity from Melrose Action is the series of Meetings on your Corner. Last night’s meeting was very well attended, giving neighbors an opportunity to discuss matters with many L.A. City officials, including our CD5 City Councilmember Paul Koretz, our Wilshire Division Neighborhood Prosecutor Nooshi Zahiri, LAPD Wilshire Division Captain Howard Leslie, and our new Senior Lead Officer (SLO) Inga Wecker. So even though the general meeting at Canter’s has been postponed again, you can meet her at these Meetings on the Corner.

• At the meeting it was pointed out that we can keep up to date with what’s going on in the LAPD Wilshire Division area in a number of ways. There’s the LAPD Wilshire website and you can follow them on Twitter and Like them on Facebook.

• And also at the Meeting on the Corner was Donald Duckworth, Executive Director of the Melrose Avenue Business Improvement District (BID), who discussed their various projects, ranging from cleaning things up along Melrose to working on ways to improve parking, both for business customers and local residents. For more information about the Melrose BID, see their MelroseAveLA website and follow them on Twitter.

So all these officials and representatives were at the Meeting on the Corner last evening, and it was clear that they are all working together to solve problems as best as they can and make things better for our neighborhood.  And, at the risk of “giving advice,” we recommend that everyone get involved and connected with all of these people and organizations.


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2 Responses to General Melrose Village News

  1. Linda Dowd says:

    Has anyone addressed getting ready for the predicted El Nino rainstorms re: the city clearing the storm drains to prevent the flooding that has occurred in the past? Flooded shops mean big expense for property owners, and damage to businesses not covered by insurance!

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