Groundlings School Building Fundraiser Monday, July 20th

7280 Melrose Ave.You may have noticed construction going on in and around the building on the southeast corner of Melrose Ave. and Poinsettia Place.

This is the start of the work on what will become The Groundlings School building, scheduled for opening in early 2016.  The school, which started in 1979, has been renting space in the area. The company purchased the 7280 Melrose Ave. building last year, and they are now preparing it for classes and student performances.

That costs money, so The Groundlings have been raising money for this work. As part of this fundraising, dozens of alumni will return to The Groundlings Theatre stage on Monday evening, July 20th. Groundlings Alumni from four decades will appear in four separate shows over the course of this one night – Decades Night!

Tickets are $20 for each individual show, including one drink. Or you can purchase a VIP Pass for all four shows and open bar for $100. The performance schedule, with links to purchase tickets is as follows:

70s at 7 p.m.  (directed by Phyllis Katz)  $20
80s at 8:30 p.m.  (directed by Deanna Oliver)  $20
90s at 9:45 p.m.  (directed by Mindy Sterling) $20
2000s at 11 p.m.  (directed by Damon Jones)  $20
VIP Pass for all 4 shows and Open Bar  $100

(Those attending must be at least 16 years old, and alcoholic beverages are only for those age 21 or older.)

The Groundlings pictured in the poster below may or may not be performing for this special night, but here are just some of the performers currently scheduled:
Gary Austin, Tim Bagley, Maggie Baird, Scott Beehner, Terry Bolo, Stephanie Courtney, Doug Cox, Larry Dorf, Jim Doughan, Donna Dubain, Sandy Helberg, Steve Hibbert, Roy Jenkins, Alex Kapp, Phyllis Katz, Suzanne Kent, Kevin Kirkpatrick, George Mcgrath,Ted Michaels, Laraine Newman, Tracy Newman, Brian Palermo, Cassandra Peterson, Jim Rash, Mary Scheer, Cathy Shambley, Mitch Silpa, Mary Jo Smith, John Stark, Bill Steinkellner, Mindy Sterling, Lynne Marie Stewart, Gloria Vassy, Michaela Watkins, Chase Winton, Jim Wise, and more!Groundlngs 7/20/2015 Decades Night Fundraiser


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