LAPD Officer Art Gallegos Promoted to Sergeant

SLO Art GallegosArt Gallegos has been the LAPD Senior Lead Officer (SLO) in our area — including all of Melrose Village west of La Brea Ave. (see the map below) — for many years. Art is being promoted to Sergeant, and we congratulate him for this.

However, due to this promotion, Art must transfer from the LAPD Wilshire Division to another LAPD division for at least a year. He may come back to the Wilshire Division in the future, but no longer as the Senior Lead Officer for Basic Car Aera 7A1.

Click on this map to see all of the LAPD Wilshire Division Basic Car areas.

Click on this map to see all of the LAPD Wilshire Division Basic Car areas.

Within the LAPD Wilshire Division there are nine Basic Car Areas.  Each area represents a patrol area and a Senior Lead Officer (SLO) is assigned to each.The SLO coordinates patrol officers in his or her area, helping to find the best way to serve the area. Part of this is based on the SLO’s being aware of activities and crimes in that area.

Until a permanent SLO is hired for our area, one-month officer assignments will be made. The LAPD hopes to hire a permanent SLO in the next two or three months, depending on applicants and factoring in the needs of our community.

For more information about the LAPD Wilshire Division go to their website — There is a tremendous amount of information there, including ideas on how to avoid being a victim of crime, and information about crimes in the area. You can also receive information on their Twitter feed.

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4 Responses to LAPD Officer Art Gallegos Promoted to Sergeant

  1. Brandon says:

    Not good. Art was knew every nook and cranny of the area. Would really like to have s neighborhood watch meeting with the new SLO. Hope Art gets to debrief the temporary officers and the new SLO once hired. A lot can change in a few months…


  2. Joan Fitzpatrick says:

    Congratulations and heartfelt thanks to Officer Art Gallegos. He more than deserves the promotion, and I am sure he will work with his replacement so that we are safe!

  3. nancy vimla says:

    Wishing Officer Gallegos all the best with his promotion. He deserves it. He will be missed.

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