Melrose BID Electrical Box Art Contest

The Melrose Business Improvement District (BID) has been busy with a number of projects with more to come. Some of what they are up to is listed in the Melrose BID Newsletter. (Click here for the most recent issue – December, 2014.)

So still being worked on are Parking and Promotion, but one things that’s already going ahead is Painting. As part of the clean-up, the fire hydrants on Melrose Ave. between Highland Ave, and Fairfax Ave. have all been painted yellow, and next comes the utility boxes. Along Melrose and partway into the side streets are all the boxes for traffic signals, telephone and other services, and these need improvement. So the Melrose BID is holding an art contest to paint some of the utility boxes. Winners’ art will be used along with that of several established L.A. artists as a permanent part of the area. The deadline is Sunday, February 15th, so get started now.


The dimensions of the boxes to be used for this art are shown above, and for more details on the contest, join the Melrose Ave Electrical Box Contest Facebook event page.



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  1. See more about the Melrose parking issue in this week’s Park LaBrea News / Beverly Press:

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