Mid City West Community Council to address Mansionization at 10/14 meeting

The Mid City West Community Council (MCWCC) – the Neighborhood Council that represents the area of Melrose Village west of La Brea Ave. – will be looking at the issue of mansionization at their next meeting, Tuesday, October 14th. The meeting will be held at the NCJW/LA Auditorium, 543 N. Fairfax Ave., on southwest corner of Clinton St. The meeting starts at 6:30 p.m.

So what is “mansionization”? In general, it’s about construction of new homes in single-family home neighborhoods, where the new homes are out of scale with the existing homes. Some existing homeowners in a neighborhood may object to the design of a new home – for example, a modern style on a block where the other houses are “Spanish-colonial.” But objections to mansionization are more than that. This is about new very large houses, perhaps two stories, on a block where the other houses are single-story. Or perhaps the new house has much less set-back from the street and side property lines than the existing houses. Or all of the above.

While there are existing Los Angeles City zoning ordinances that place limits on house sizes, set-backs, and Floor-to-Area-Ratio (FAR), how these apply can depend on the specific zone, and some of these limits can be reduced if the builder meets certain requirements, such as eco-friendly specifics.

The MCWCC Planning and Land Use Committee previously met on this issue and is presenting a motion to the MCWCC Board of Directors in support of  City Councilmember Paul Koretz’s motion to amend the City’s Baseline Mansionization Ordinance which would reduce the “loopholes” in the City’s rules.

This is is item 8.a.ii on the MCWCC meeting agenda, and more information is available there. There is also more information on this issue in an article by Steve Lopez in the Los Angeles Times.



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1 Response to Mid City West Community Council to address Mansionization at 10/14 meeting

  1. Matt says:

    Have you seen the new home being built on Detroit Street across from Melrose Elementary? It’s an abomination. Is there anything we can do about this cruise ship being built or is it too late? It’s built to the property line in all directions and is 2.5 stories tall! It’s unbelievable what these developers can get away with.

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