“Groundbreaking” at Avalon West Hollywood (formerly Movietown Plaza) this morning

Avalon West Hollywood Groundbreaking

The official “groundbreaking” ceremony for Avalon West Hollywood was held this morning at the former site of Movietown Plaza. Participants included representatives from the developer, Avalon Bay; the West Hollywood City Council; and the West Hollywood Housing Corporation.

We are saying “groundbreaking”  in quotes because the project construction is not quite ready to start. The City of West Hollywood has yet to issue the official permit, but that is expected very soon. This development is just north of the north edge of Melrose Village, so what happens there does affect us.

Moviewtown Plaza proposed designThe Avalon West Hollywood development is a mixed-use project, including both residences and retail. The residences in the northeast corner of the property will be for low-income seniors. The City of West Hollywood worked with the developer on various features of the design. (We mentioned one of the design review meetings in December of last year.)

Here is some of the news from this morning’s event:

  • Though this development is called Avalon West Hollywood, the Movietown name and history will be included in several ways. The iconic camera element (shown in the picture above) will be repaired and installed on the property. Also, the low-income senior building will be named “Movietown Square.”
  • The Avalon Bay representative announced that Trader Joe’s signed a lease for a store there, and that will be located on the ground floor of the Movieown Square building at the corner of Santa Monica Blvd. and Poinsettia Place.
  • And it was announced that the West Hollywood Housing Corporation, which has developed a number of rental properties for low-income seniors in West Hollywood, will own and operate the over-70 rental units above the Trader Joe’s.

It will be a couple of years before this project is completed, but at least it’s on the way.




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2 Responses to “Groundbreaking” at Avalon West Hollywood (formerly Movietown Plaza) this morning

  1. V Wolf says:

    Onward and upward! So glad to see this taking place in the former rundown shopping center. Hopefully irate neighbors will not try and impede this project, too as was done to La Brea Gateway. Would they prefer mail to be delivered via carrier pigeon rather than USPS as well?

  2. barrilimpusB says:

    I can’t wait for the return of Trader Joe’s. There was a rumor it wasn’t going to happen.

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