Fairfax Business Association working on their area

The Melrose Business Improvement Association is not the only group of businesses in the area looking to make improvements. While it’s not an official Business Improvement District, the Fairfax Business Association (FBA) is also working to look at the same kind of issues in their area – Fairfax Ave. from Beverly Blvd. to Melrose Ave.  The FBA met earlier this week to continue their work.

BeverlyPressFrontPage_6-19-2014A front-page article in this week’s Park La Brea News/Beverly Press has a full report on the meeting and what the FBA is doing. (By the way, the Park La Brea News/Beverly Press – either the online version or the print edition – is a great way to keep up with what’s going on in the area.)


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1 Response to Fairfax Business Association working on their area

  1. Loren Kalin says:

    As a property owner on Melrose Ave i am dismayed to see Eye La and Aldos shoes move out. I was not involved in the Melrose Bid Improvement movement. However since the bid passed i paid my dues. The city of Los Angeles charges sixty three dollars for a parking ticket on Melrose ave if your parking meter expires. I wonder how patrons of Melrose Ave and what little shopowners left feel about that. After paying one thousand six hundred and eighty seven dollars for the improvement bid to the city and now seeing that the city charges high fees for parking tickets i am starting to get a bad feeling about this so called Melrose Buisness improvement. So far things seem to be getting worse.


    Loren Kalin.

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