Melrose Business Improvement Association getting things going

MelroseAveLogoWe’ve mentioned the Melrose Property Business Improvement District (BID) in earlier posts, including their organizing FAME Fest on the first Thursday of each month. We attended a meeting of the Board of Directors of the Melrose Business Improvement Association – the group that manages the activities of the BID – this morning, and they are really working on getting our section of Melrose Avenue going.

The BID was approved by the property owners and then the L.A. City Council last year. The BID includes the properties on Melrose Ave. from Fairfax Ave. to Highland Ave. Property owners are assessed an amount to cover the budget of what the Melrose Business Improvement Association needs to do. (Click here for a copy of the official report defining the Melrose Property Business Improvement District.)

It has been less than six months since the BID has been in effect, which started the first of the year. They have already started some work, including trash cans, sidewalk cleaning, graffiti removal and more both on Melrose Ave. itself and up to and including the alleys. Some people may not have noticed this yet as there is so much to do.

And based on today’s meeting, there is  a lot more coming. One big item is doing an analysis of parking in the area. Sometimes it seems like there is not enough parking available, and other times there is plenty. The analysis will look at what’s really available and how to make it work more efficiently. This includes looking at underused parking areas, more efficient ways to use street parking (for example, eliminating unneeded “Loading Zones”), and better coordination of valet parking, as has been done on West Third St. (Of course, those of us who live here can walk.) Better parking availability is just one thing that will bring more customers here, improving the economy in the area. This will help fill vacant shops and bring more desirable businesses to the area.

There was also discussion of having the FAME Fest be held at various locations along Melrose and also having other special events. And this is in addition to whatever else can help make Melrose a more desirable area for visitors, customers and residents. And there was so much to discuss that some of it was moved to anther meeting later this month.

They should have a website up and running soon, but in the meantime, if you have suggestions (and let’s look more at suggestions than complaints), email them to us at, and we’ll forward them to the Melrose Business Improvement Association.





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2 Responses to Melrose Business Improvement Association getting things going

  1. V Wolf says:

    This is such great news for the area! I am SO happy that finally Melrose will get a new breath of life, and will undoubtedly benefit from this new BID !

  2. MR says:

    They have done a super job cleaning junk out of the alleys, including items (with permission) belonging to merchants that never got to clean their parking lot. It seems to be run by ex cons or something as they have also managed to get rid of a mentally disturbed transient that, especially merchants, had an issue with by repeatedly coming back to dump his (latest) mattress/sleeping items until he stopped coming. The person has been a fixture for years, and no one could do anything, except these guys with a jail attitude. They also managed to dump all the “art” setup another disturbed individual decided to exhibit on a vacant lot, when they backed up their pickup truck and loaded it all to be dumped. I could not believe my eyes.

    About the parking, I hate parking fines much more than the lack of parking. It is bad practice to ticket tourists out of our area. Is this what we want these touris$t to talk about when they go back home? If the $23 ticket cap goes on the ballot it will pass with flying colors, and the mayor knows it.

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