L.A. Pride Festival & Street Closures

Christopher Street West brings the 2014 L.A. Pride Festival to West Hollywood this weekend. Even if you’re not going to the Festival, various street closures, traffic and limited parking can affect your plans in the general area.

Arrangements are pretty much the same as they have been in the past:
San Vicente Boulevard is closed between Santa Monica Boulevard and Melrose Avenue until Monday morning, and Santa Monica Blvd. will be closed from Fairfax Ave. west to Doheney Ave. from early Sunday morning to Sunday afternoon for the Pride Parade.

The City of West Hollywood will suspend enforcement of permit parking for Pride Weekend from 4 pm on Friday, June 6 to 7 am on Monday, June 9. All parking meters will be enforced on Friday, June 6 and Saturday, June 7, but parking meters will not be enforced on Sunday, June 8 during the day of the Pride Parade. Be sure to note the (somewhat irregular) boundaries of the City of West Hollywood as these rule suspensions do not take place in the City of Los Angeles and/or the City of Beverly Hills.

There are also shuttle buses that will run between the east side of West Hollywood and the Festival location.

For details on what’s what, see the following websites:



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