Nextdoor in Melrose Village

We first mentioned Nextdoor back in December. Various departments in the City of Los Angeles, including the Mayor’s office and the Department of Neighborhood Empowerment, have been promoting Nextdoor as a way to communicate within and between neighborhoods.
Nextdoor Melrose VillageThere is a “Melrose Village” neighborhood in Nextdoor, though it doesn’t have the same boundaries as what we call Melrose Village here. But since posts from Nextdoor participants are also seen by subscribers in nearby Nextdoor neighborhoods, that still works.

We’ve heard from our local Nextdoor L.A. Field Organizer, Justin Brezhnev, and he is suggesting that more people sign up for Nextdoor.  Go to to join the conversation. If you are not in Nextdoor’s Melrose Village you can still sign up in your neighborhood.

In addition, the Nextdoor Melrose Village neighborhood needs a new Lead to help spread the word and get more people connected. Please email L.A. Field Organizer Justin Brezhnev, at, to get started.


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2 Responses to Nextdoor in Melrose Village

  1. Romanoff says:

    If this map doesn’t accurately reflect how you want your neighborhood to look, they are great with working with you to adjust it.
    I’m with one of the first groups organized called East West Hollywood. Previously they had us lumped together, but I had it adjusted.

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