Construction and Demolition in Nearby West Hollywood

Three projects along Santa Monica Blvd. west of La Brea Ave. (just north of Melrose Village) are charging ahead.

The mixed-use project at the northwest corner of Santa Monica Blvd. and La Brea Ave. is nearing completion. Work is now being done on the sidewalks and streetscape along the building, and that work should be done soon.

Just west of there, between Detroit St. and Formosa Ave., including the former location of Faith Plating, demolition is nearly complete. Following final clean-up, construction will begin soon.

And, at what was Movietown Plaza, demolition of the buildings at the north end of the property is nearly complete. This includes the building where the Los Burritos Mexican restaurant was located and the building along Fuller Ave., where various businesses were located. So this project is moving along as well. See our earlier article regarding what the finished project may look like.

And in Melrose Village, at La Brea Ave. and Willoughby Ave., work is continuing on the foundations and below-ground parking level.

All of these are mixed-use projects with apartments and commercial space at ground level. So, at least in a few years, there will be a lot of new shopping areas nearby.

Santa Monica - La Brea Demolition map

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