Neighborhood Council Elections Sunday, March 30th

Elections for the three Neighborhood Councils (NCs) in Melrose Village take place on Sunday, March 30th. Voter qualifications vary for each of the NCs, but is generally not limited to residents — rather, voters must be “stakeholders,” the definition of which may be different for each NC.

Below is listed basic information for the NCs in Melrose Village, including the times and location for voting. (Mail-in ballots are available for some NCs.) For full election information, including voter qualifications and candidate information, click on the NC name to bring up the related page on the City’s Empower LA website.

If you live, work or own property in any of these areas in Melrose Village, please vote on March 30th.

Melrose Village, west of La Brea Ave.
Mid City West Community Council (MCWCC)

Polling Hours: 10 am to 4 pm
Location: Pan Pacific Recreation Center, 7600 Beverly Blvd., Los Angeles 90036
For Zone Representative seats, Melrose Village is in MCWCC Zone 2.

Melrose Village, east of La Brea Ave., south of Willoughby Ave.
Greater Wilshire Neighborhood Council (GWNC)

Polling Hours: 12 noon to 4 pm
Location: John Burroughs Middle School, 600 S. McCadden Place, Los Angeles 90005
For Geographic Area Director seats, Melrose Village is in GWNC Geographic Area 8.

Melrose Village, east of La Brea Ave., north of Willoughby Ave.
Central Hollywood Neighborhood Council (CHNC)

Polling Hours: 10 am to 2 pm
Location: Hollywood Constituent Center, 6501 Fountain Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90028
(CHNC does not have seats by geographic location.)

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