A note from a reader about the Assisted Living Proposal for 846 N. Sierra Bonita Ave.

We received a note from a Melrose Village reader regarding the item that is coming before the Mid City Wast Community Council Planning and Land Use Committee (PLUC) tomorrow evening that we posted about recently. This is an important matter, whether you support the proposed assisted living facility or not.

So we are doing something we rarely do — posting the note below rather than as a comment to the original post. If you want to see your point of view on this issue here before the meeting, send it to melrosevillageblog@yahoo.com.

The meeting is being held at the Pan Pacific Park Auditorium, 7600 Beverly Blvd. tomorrow evening starting at 6:30 pm. 


Happy St. Paddy’s Day neighbors,

I’d like to take 2 minutes and say a few things about the “assisted living” proposal.

Raya’s Paradise, an assisted living business that cares for the elderly (we’ll call them RP), is petitioning the city to change the zoning in our neighborhood. The new zoning will allow RP to convert duplexes into single family housing – thus, making their business cheaper to run. More beds, less staff, etc… maximizing their profits at our expense.

Here’s the skinny… in past years, the city has put the interest of the homeowners ahead of RP’s profits, and denied them the zone variance numerous times (2012 last instance).
RP already owns and runs several “assisted living” facilities in the neighborhood, not to mention a facility NEXT DOOR to the proposed facility (852 N. Sierra Bonita). Also, they own and operate a facility at 849 N. Gardner (yes, directly behind the proposed facility at 846 n. Sierra Bonita.). They also own the house on the corner (859 N. Gardner). Yes, all this on the same block. This is in addition to numerous other facilities they operate in the Melrose Village area.

The neighborhood is already saturated, congested. Another “assisted living” facility with a huge underground parking structure would have disastrous consequences for the value of your property and the quiet nature of your street. Changing the zoning in our neighborhood would allow any “assisted living” business or halfway house business to expand in a similar fashion, on any of our streets.

So, if you’re a long-time neighbor, or just dropped a million bucks on one of these cute little spanish or tudor bungalows, I urge you to show up at the meeting on Tuesday and tell the Planning and Land Use Committee your opinion.

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