MCWCC Committee to Discuss Assisted Living Facility Planned for 846 N. Sierra Bonita Ave.

The Planning and Land Use Committee of the Mid City West Community Council will be hearing — and possibly taking action on — plans for an assisted living facility at 846 N. Sierra Bonita Ave.  The meeting that includes this item is being held at the Pan Pacific Park Auditorium, 7600 Beverly Blvd. next Tuesday, March 18 starting at 6:30 pm. (Please note the special location of the meeting.)

Here is the item from the posted agenda:

Item 4. (30 Minutes)
846 North Sierra Bonita Avenue; ZA-2014-484-ELD
Request for an assisted living facility for 11-12 residents with Dementia/Alzheimer’s Disease.
Project Description: Two Options are under consideration at this site for review and comment.
The first option is the 4,550 square foot, two story duplex, 6 + 6 bed homes, which is allowed by right by California State law. The size of the building is calculated per allowed Floor Area ratio (FAR) =6500 square feet lot X 50% + 20% bonus = 70% FAR = 4,550 square foot maximum building. As per Zoning Code Section 12.21-A-4(d)(4); Parking Requirements for a two story with twelve beds X 0.2 = 2.4 = 2 stalls required. With two separate facilities instead of one, there will be a requirement for additional staff, and therefore there will be more staff cars.
The second option is the 3,415 square foot, single story, 11 bed home, which requires a Reasonable Accommodation or Zoning Variance approval from the City. As indicated in the renderings, this plan is over 1,000 square feet smaller, and will include a subterranean parking lot with 9 parking spaces, plus three additional tandem parking spaces, for a total of 12, as opposed to only two in the first option. Per Zoning Code section 12.21-A -4(d)(4); Parking Requirements for a one story eleven bed X 0.2 = 2.2 = 2 stalls required. Ten additional stalls are being offered. The second option is for eleven residents, as opposed to twelve in the first option.

The complete meeting agenda is posted on the MCWCC website.

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1 Response to MCWCC Committee to Discuss Assisted Living Facility Planned for 846 N. Sierra Bonita Ave.

  1. Joan Fitzpatrick says:

    How can the State allow two assisted living facilities next to each other on a residential block? I pity the poor people next door on both sides. Would they also be allowed to buy the other duplex next door to the duplex they are building? That would be three all next to each other. Would have more patients than a hospital. They could buy the whole block on the east side!
    And don’t forget they have the house right directly behind the two existing homes (on Gardner).
    They also plan to open up all three yards and make it one big garden.

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