This is Melrose Village!

As the New Year approaches, we take this opportunity to remind everyone what we mean by Melrose Village.

Melrose Village is this special area where we live and work and enjoy a balanced urban situation. This is NOT some suburban area where traffic and parking are wide open. Nope. This is an urban area with a mix of apartment buildings, duplexes, single-family homes, mixed-use live/work buildings with an eclectic commercial center along Melrose Ave.

Most of the businesses are owned and run by small-business owners:
• Live theaters;
• Stores — selling a whole range of items from clothing to comic books;
• Services  — haircuts, nail treatments, tattoos;
• Restaurants  — a range of food choices found in few other places, some with award-winning chefs, with new restaurants scheduled to open in 2014, including L’Assiette and Smoke, Oil, Salt;
And a LOT more.

And there are schools, including Fairfax High School, Melrose Elementary, and Yeshiva Elchonon Chabad.

And all this in less than one square mile, so it’s very walkable.

So here’s our latest “official” map of Melrose Village:
Melrose Village mapFrom the City of West Hollywood on the north to Rosewood Avenue on the south; and from Fairfax Avenue on the west to Highland Avenue on the east. And there are all the adjacent areas around us: Melrose Heights, West Hollywood, Hollywood, Hancock Park, Beverly Grove, and Fairfax; all within a third of a mile.

And, of course, there’s Pink’s Hot Dogs and the original Original Hamburger, Johnny Rockets.

So while the City of Los Angeles is a huge, spread out place, this is our neighborhood within that city. Our Melrose Village.

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