Work on New Development at La Brea and Willoughby Finally Starting

In May of 2011 we reported the “La Brea-Willoughby Project Moving Forward.”  Back then we may have been a little premature. Even after the various lawsuits were settled, the mixed use project at the former KCOP–TV site on the northwest corner of La Brea Ave. and Willoughby Ave. apparently changed hands and didn’t get started right away.

But now the current developer, the Holland Partner Group, reports that work on their development, the La Brea Gateway, now underway, with site preparation and demolition of some existing concrete slabs. We’ve noticed earth-moving equipment there as well as a utility pole that will be used to bring temporary power to the site. They are planning to start other construction activities in the first quarter of next year.

The project will include 179 residential units and a Sprouts Farmers Market located at the ground floor level. If all goes well they are anticipating opening winter 2015/2016.

This, along with other projects along the La Brea Ave. corridor north and south of Melrose Village, will add to resources and housing in our urban community.La Brea Gateway

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