Los Angeles Day WITH a Bag 2013 – Monday 11/18

NoPlasticGroceryBags25Starting Wednesday, January 1st, the ban on single-use shopping bags goes into effect in Los Angeles. This will start with larger grocery stores on the 1st and then smaller stores six months later.

This sort of ordinance is already in place in West Hollywood, so you may already be prepared for this change. The details of the ordinances in West Hollywood and L.A. are slightly different, though the general idea is the same: If you want to use a bag, you have to bring your own or pay 10¢ for each bag that the store provides.

This Monday, Los Angeles is partnering with various organizations, such as Heal the Bay and the Hollywood/Los Angeles Beautification Team to create “A Day With a Bag 2013.” In the past, Heal the Bay has held “A Day Without a Bag,” so this is only a little different. On Monday, November 18th, there will be locations throughout Los Angeles where residents can get a free reusable shopping bag. The nearest to Melrose Village is at the Pavilions at the corner of Melrose Ave. and Vine St. At that location they are scheduled to give out bags between the hours of 11 a.m. and 1 p.m.

In any case, get ready for the new shopping bag rules in our area starting New Year’s Day.

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