Romaine St. (finally) paved behind Poinsettia Park

BREAKING NEWS:  While this is not the biggest news to hit Melrose Village, we are happy to be able to report that progress does happen.Romaine_StFor a long time, Romaine St. between Poinsettia Place and Martel Ave. — most of which runs along the north side of Poinsettia Park Recreation Center  — has been in pretty bad shape. One reason this has been the case is that the boundary between the cities of Los Angeles and West Hollywood runs down the center of that stretch of Romaine.  Both cities had been paving streets in the area, but somehow the coordination needed meant that all that was done was to patch potholes there.

As of today, that section of Romaine St. is paved, completely and without a split down the center.  The old pavement was removed last week, and now the new asphalt has been laid down.

This is a good finishing touch to the renovation of Poinsettia Park as well.

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One Response to Romaine St. (finally) paved behind Poinsettia Park

  1. Scott Burau says:

    Great news – thanks for posting.

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