The Great ShakeOut tomorrow morning


This is not just a Melrose Village matter, of course. California is earthquake country. We don’t know when a large earthquake will occur in our area, but it’s not a matter of “if” but “when.” So it’s important to be prepared.

First, know what to do when the earthquake happens:
drop-cover-hold-onPractice this with your family tomorrow!

You also need to be prepared in case the problem is so big that you may not get help from the police, fire fighters and other departments for days. As big as your problem seems to you, it may be worse elsewhere, and that’s where resources will be sent first.

If the water goes out, be sure to have water or something to drink for everyone in your household for three days or more. Know how to turn off the gas, but only turn it off if there is a leak. Be sure to have food that you can eat for several days, as stores may be out and may not get more supplies for a while.

The main thing is to BE PREPARED.  And make sure to be prepared at your workplace as well, since that’s where you may be when an earthquake happens.

For more information, see these websites:
The Great California ShakeOut:
Earthquake Country Alliance:
The American Red Cross Prepare SoCal:
And more preparedness resources at

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