NBC4 story about medical and food services for the homeless

On their 6 p.m. news program yesterday, September 4th, KNBC ran a story about a mobile medical clinic service offered by volunteer medical students from UCLA that sets up along side the Greater West Hollywood Food Coalition service near Sycamore Ave. and Romaine St., right on the northern edge of Melrose Village.

Residents have been complaining about this for a long time, saying that it increases the number of transients in our area. Businesses also have a problem with these programs, including that the large crowd that gathers for the free services has grown too large to be safe.  And many feel that a better location with better facilities needs to be found for these programs.

Kathy Vara reported from the location for NBC4 News.  Watch the story here (preceded by a brief commercial).

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3 Responses to NBC4 story about medical and food services for the homeless

  1. Sean says:

    Maybe because it is necessary. The public has the right to know the condition of their fellow Americans. I still doubt the news the deliver though, 85% of it

  2. alina says:

    If business is establish on better location then the demand of business is goo. acording to my view business is depend upon two things. these two things are price and 2nd one is demand . if price grow up then demand grow down .

  3. kandy says:

    I am currently homeless and in dec I got my section 8 voucher. I thought finally I can get off the street only to find out that it’s not going to happen unless I an willing to move into a drug infested area full of crime and violence. Why because nobody who accepts section 8 in half way decent areas will rent to me. I have no evictions no criminal record I have bad credit mostly unpaid medical bills but since I have no recent rental history they will not accept my application. It’s now June and my voucher expires at the end of the month i am on my last extension but I just cannot live in an area where I have to live in constant fear. Everything is a struggle. The law says you must have liability auto ins. But the law says an ins Co can deny you if you are homeless. I am lucky enough to have a mailing address that is not a p.o. box but that isn’t even enough for some agencies. The offer to help with what you don’t need help with and ignore the things you do need help with. It’s a vicious cyce. They say birds like a feather flock together which is mostly true but there are a few birds out there that are being forced to flock with birds they don’t want to flock with. Or be homeless. Which is what I am.

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