Just a little more about Movietown Plaza

IMG_0611Last week we reported on the scheduled closing of Trader Joe’s at Movietown Plaza. Their closing is scheduled for August 31st.

Although this is ultimately due to the forthcoming mixed use project at that location, it’s not clear what the schedule will be to start that. The Planning staff at the City of West Hollywood tells us that the developer would like to start demolition this fall but they haven’t applied for any demolition or building permits yet.

Since this area is so close to Melrose Village, the various phases of the project are likely to have an affect on us, so we’ll let you know as we get new information.

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2 Responses to Just a little more about Movietown Plaza

  1. Todd Waldman says:

    If anyone is interested I spoke to management at Trader Joes and they said they are “in talks” with the developers to maybe be a part of the new plaza. However, he did say it was looking very unlikely. This Trader Joes has been such a huge part of the community, apparently there for over 28 years, and I’d love to start a campaign to save it with the powers that be. If interested please email me at tbwaldman@mac.com

    Thank you!


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