La Brea Ave. Median Work Underway in West Hollywood

Last month we noted that West Hollywood was planning to enhance the streetscape in their section of La Brea Avenue, which is between Romaine St.  and Fountain Ave.

We noticed today that the work on the medians has started.

There will be some impact on traffic, although it seems they are doing their best to keep the work within the median area.  Since the work started in June as planned, it’s hoped that the work, including both the medians and the enhancements to the sides of the street can be completed in September.

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One Response to La Brea Ave. Median Work Underway in West Hollywood

  1. Dr. Love says:

    Many of us have hated the Sycamore/Romain foodline. My neighbor took a picture of a homless person relieving themselves of waste in broad daylight in front of our house. I emailed that picture to every goverment official responsible for that corner, all the way to congress. Assembly C. member Richard Bloom had his assistant Tim Harter call me. He said he was “heading up” a response to this issue. He is calling Councilmember Koretz, LAPD and the food coalition. He will have a meeting and will notify me. Plz help me let our leaders know I am not the only one with complaints. Now is the time to speak up because some one is listening. Tim Harter’s email is and Assembly C. member Richard Bloom’s email is
    thank you

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