La Brea Avenue Streetscape in West Hollywood

West Hollywood, our neighboring city, is planning to start work on a La Brea Avenue Streetscape Project in the near future.

This project includes the construction of planted tree wells, street trees, medians with planting and pedestrian street lighting along La Brea Avenue from Fountain Avenue to Romaine Street. The concept is to create streetscape enhancements on La Brea Ave. similar to those on Santa Monica Blvd., including sidewalks, landscaped parkways (the green space between the sidewalk and the street), removal and replacement of street trees, other pedestrian enhancements and planted median islands. The picture below shows a section of Santa Monica Blvd. as an example.

SMB Streetscape

Included in the design of the median islands will be considerations of left-turn pockets as needed, driveways to businesses, crosswalk visibility, and visibility for vehicles both day and night.

As the three projects under construction on La Brea Ave. in West Hollywood get to their next phases, West Hollywood is preparing to award contracts for the streetscape improvements. If all goes as planned, this work will start sometime in June to be completed in September.

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2 Responses to La Brea Avenue Streetscape in West Hollywood

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  2. David says:

    I hope councilmen Paul Koretz and Tom La Bonge can work together so extend these islands all the way down to Wilshire. It would be odd to have them only for a few blocks and I think there is real benefit to such beautifications.

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