Vote Tuesday – Important Election

There is an important city election on Tuesday (May 21, 2013), and the Melrose Village Blog strongly encourages you to vote.

The location of your polling place is listed on the back of the Official Sample Ballot you should have received in the mail. For many Melrose Village residents, our polling place is the Poinsettia Park gym. Polling places are open Tuesday from 7:00 am until 8:00 pm.

Because of the importance of this election, the Melrose Village Blog makes the following endorsements:

For Mayor: Eric Garcetti.  Former City Council President Garcetti knows how to get things done, and he is a better choice than Wendy Greuel, who is too beholden to special interest groups such as the DWP union and other city employee unions.

For City Attorney: Mike Feuer.  Mike knows our neighborhood and its concerns, and he would do a better job than current officeholder Carmen Trutanich.

For City Controller: Ron Galperin.  Ron is an expert on the city budget and would make an excellent Controller. He is a far better choice than Dennis Zine, who has been an undistinguished City Council member and seems to be running primarily because he was termed-out of that job and is looking for another one.

Proposition C: No.  This is a purely symbolic vote about national campaign finance reform. The City of Los Angeles does not have any control over national campaign finance laws, and these types of meaningless symbolic measures are a waste of time and money.

Proposition D (Marijuana Regulation):  Yes. This is the best of the marijuana regulation proposals. It was co-written by our City Council member, Paul Koretz. We are certainly wary of how well the measure would be implemented, considering the city’s many screw-ups with marijuana regulations over recent years. Still, this proposition strikes the best balance between providing marijuana to people who want access to it, while protecting neighborhoods from being inundated by pot stores and the problems they can cause.

Propositions E and F (Marijuana Regulation):  No. Proposition F is being pushed by marijuana stores that opened illegally and that have used lawsuits and loopholes to remain open ever since. The measure places no limits on the number of pot stores allowed in neighborhoods or throughout the city – meaning that it would allow thousands more pot stores to open. That’s a very bad idea. Proposition E is no longer being endorsed by the people who placed it on the ballot, who have instead thrown their support behind Proposition D.

Whether you agree with our endorsements or not, do vote. This will be a low-turnout election, so your vote will have a real impact.

Voting is also the least you can do if you have any concerns about how our city is run. And if you don’t vote, then don’t expect us to listen to your complaints about city services or problems with city government – ever. Because if you don’t vote, you literally don’t count.

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