Melrose Gets Visit from Japan’s “Ambassador of Cuteness”

Melrose Avenue recently received a visit from Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, a Japanese pop star who is also the nation’s official “Ambassador of Cuteness.” Here is an article about the visit from City Council member Paul Koretz‘s HI 5 Newsletter:

Many Japanese tourists make a point of visiting Melrose Avenue, drawn by its tremendous reputation for cutting-edge fashion and entertainment.

Similarly, a fashion district in Tokyo’s Shibuya District called “Harajuku” attracts young, fashion-conscious tourists and designers from all over the world. One case in particular would be Gwen Stefani’s fashion enterprises, which are not only Harajuku-inspired but are named after the district.

In recent years, Japanese fashion and popular culture have taken the world by storm. In an attempt to harness this boom and deepen understanding of Japan among young people around the world, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan appoints a young leader to serve as “Kawaii Ambassador” (Ambassador of Cuteness). This person’s role is to represent Japan’s vibrant popular culture overseas.

In April, the current Kawaii Ambassador – one of Japan’s biggest pop stars, 20-year-old Kyary Pamyu Pamyu – toured Melrose Avenue, accompanied by Japan’s national media, the Office of Councilmember Koretz, and representatives from the Melrose Avenue Property Owner’s Association. The Consul General of Japan in Los Angeles then hosted a press event to highlight Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s visit to Melrose Avenue. A huge room packed with Japanese TV crews and other reporters (and some Los Angeles tourism, music and fashion experts) heard from Kyary, as she narrated a slide show of images taken when she visited various stores on Melrose and ate at Pink’s Hot Dogs.

This media event was viewed, listened to and read about by millions of people in Japan, and it is said that adoring fans will now be eager to come and shop at the sites that were publicized during this pop star’s fun journey along Melrose. Kyary, who headlined in a show at Nokia Theatre the next night, was presented with a certificate of commendation from the City of Los Angeles (photo above) in order to welcome her and help forge a lasting relationship. Kyary’s team is contemplating establishing operations in the United States, and in particular on Melrose Avenue.

This is particularly exciting and timely for all concerned. That’s because, during the past two years, the Melrose Avenue Property Owner’s Association has worked with the Fifth Council District to create a Business Improvement District. Soon, ballots will be mailed to property owners so that they can vote on this proposal. If it is enacted, the operations of the Business Improvement District will begin in January 2014, and a major focus will be on marketing and promotions. Councilmember Koretz is always eager to find innovative ways to boost the 5th District’s business centers, and so he looks forward to working with both the country of Japan and the property owners of Melrose Avenue to bring more tourism to the City, and thus improve our local economy.

If you have any questions about the Melrose Business Improvement District, please contact John Darnell at or (310) 289-0353.

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