“The Nucleus of a Whole New Arts District”

As we wrote last month, one of the best trends to hit our area lately has been the increasing number of art galleries moving into spaces on Melrose Avenue and Highland Avenue.

A few galleries have also moved in on Santa Monica Boulevard near Highland, and we were interested to read about one in Los Angeles Magazine’s major article “Art of the City” (in the magazine’s April 2013 issue, not yet available on its web site).

The magazine highlighted Regen Projects, on Santa Monica Boulevard a block east of Highland, describing the gallery this way:

Since 1989, the West Hollywood operation has maintained one of the highest levels of programming of any gallery in the city. Founded by the late Stuart Regen – son of New York gallerist Barbara Gladstone – Regen Projects initially built a reputation with its international connections but came to support stellar local talent like Lari Pittman, Doug Aitken, Elliott Hundley, Catherine Opie, Toba Khedoori, Raymond Pettibon, and Charles Ray. Last September Regen Projects relocated slightly east of WeHo to a 20,000 square foot space that promises to be the nucleus of a whole new arts district.

Sounds good to us….

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