OSH Coming to La Brea and 4th

One of our eagle-eyed correspondents just called in to say that he saw a sign up at the site at La Brea Avenue and 4th Street which has been under construction for several months, and which previously housed a car dealership. The sign said that an Orchard Supply Hardware (OSH) store would be opening soon.

Some online digging revealed that the company plans to open a new “neighborhood store format” that will be smaller than a traditional OSH store, and to close its Hollywood location (at Sunset Boulevard and Western Avenue) once the new site opens. You can read the company’s news release here.

This site is just a few blocks away from the new Purple Line subway stop that is scheduled to open within the next decade at the corner of Wilshire Boulevard and La Brea Avenue. OSH seems to be planning ahead for this, as its release says:

New development in the area is expected to create an influx of apartment and condominium dwellers, who commonly have a unique set of home improvement and do-it-yourself needs that Orchard stores in urban areas are designed to serve. The La Brea store will encompass approximately 30,080 square feet of indoor selling space and approximately 3,800 square feet of outdoor nursery and garden space, designed in Orchard’s new neighborhood store format. The building will also provide roof top parking for customer convenience….

The urban locations that Orchard currently operates in high-density areas of Los Angeles and the Bay Area have a slightly smaller footprint than the average Orchard store and carry merchandise assortments specifically tailored to the local demographic. The stores have a greater emphasis on container and small garden planting, paint, repair and home maintenance, as well as patio and BBQ assortments suited for small space settings.

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