Art Galleries Abounding

One of the best trends to hit Melrose Village lately has been the profusion of art galleries moving into the neighborhood, especially on Highland Avenue and Melrose Avenue.

A new gallery opens tomorrow. Gallery1988, which has long had a storefront on Melrose just east of La Brea Avenue, is opening an additional space just a few blocks west. They shut down their Venice gallery and are moving it into the old Munky King space at 7308 Melrose Avenue (near Poinsettia Place), where it will be called Gallery1988 (West).

The opening reception will be held Friday (March 29, 2013), from 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm. The first exhibit is “Is This Thing On? 2 Too,” which they describe as “the newest installment in our ongoing series of art shows based on funny people.” The exhibit runs through April 20.

Bring on the art.

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