Vote Today – Important City Elections

Today is the day to vote in elections that will determine the future of Los Angeles. The Melrose Village Blog strongly encourages you to vote.

The location of your polling place is listed on the back of the Official Sample Ballot you should have received in the mail. For many Melrose Village residents, their polling place is the Poinsettia Park gym. Polling places are open until 8:00 pm tonight.

This year’s election is especially important because Los Angeles is in poor shape, the result of many years of financial mismanagement at City Hall. The current Mayor and City Council have run the city into the dirt. They have thrown money at city employees and their union heads, and have doled out tax giveaways to politically-connected real estate developers. As a result, the city is in a fiscal crisis that could lead to drastic cuts in basic services including public safety, street paving and parks.

Because of the importance of this year’s elections, the Melrose Village Blog has made the following endorsements:

For Mayor:  Jan Perry

For City Attorney:  Mike Feuer

For City Controller:  Ron Galperin

For City Council member:  Paul Koretz

Proposition A:  Vote No on this sales tax increase that would just be funneled into the pockets of the special interest groups in City Hall

Whether you agree with our endorsements or not, do vote. This is likely to be a low-turnout election, so your vote really matters.

And if you don’t vote, then don’t expect us to ever listen to your concerns about city services or problems with city government.

If you don’t vote, you literally don’t count.

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