Vote Tomorrow – No on Proposition A

Tomorrow is election day, so remember to vote. The Melrose Village Blog encourages you to vote No on the Proposition A sales tax increase.

Proposition A would raise the sales tax in the City of Los Angeles from 9% to 9.5%, making it one of the highest sales tax rates in the country. It would give Los Angeles a higher sales tax rate than neighboring cities such as West Hollywood, Culver City, Burbank and Pasadena – and would encourage people to shop and dine in those cities instead.

Raising the sales tax would also enable politicians in L.A. City Hall to delay dealing with the city’s severe financial crisis, which has been caused largely by their reckless spending on city employee benefits and pensions.

As Steve Lopez pointed out last month in the Los Angeles Times:

Here’s an astounding figure: About 70% of the city’s employees pay nothing toward their healthcare costs.  Zero.

The average American worker pays 27% of the cost of employee-sponsored healthcare.

And those of us who are self-employed pay 100% of our healthcare costs…

Not only is this sales tax increase a bad idea, it is also a regressive tax. Poor people will be hit the hardest because they spend more of their dollars on day-to-day necessities.

And if Prop A does pass, how long will it be before city politicians are back in front of the voters asking for yet another tax increase? Not long.

The city employee unions and their allies have shoveled more than $1.5 million into advertising for Prop A, using scare tactics to claim that public safety will be harmed if the measure fails. Don’t believe it.

Vote No on Proposition A.

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