Vote Tuesday – Paul Koretz for City Council

Paul Koretz headshot

The Melrose Village Blog endorses Paul Koretz to serve another term as our Los Angeles City Council member.

Paul has done a good job during the past four years. He has worked hard to make the Council office more responsive to local residents. He has been ready and willing to meet with constituents and to participate in community meetings. And he has been a steady hand in helping the commercial property owners along Melrose Avenue form a Business Improvement District (BID) to reinvigorate the retail stretch.

Paul is a good guy, and we are glad that he is our City Council member.

That’s not to say he is perfect. Paul has been too willing to propose cutting police officers and raising taxes in order to protect the benefits of his supporters in the city employee unions. And he has been too willing to align himself against the needs of neighborhoods like ours and with the for-profit marijuana industry when it comes to the over-proliferation of commercial marijuana stores on our streets.

Still, Paul has done a good job and he deserves re-election. He has also been a welcome change from our previous City Council member, Jack Weiss, who always seemed more interested in planning his next political campaign than in working to improve the district.

Paul has only one opponent in Tuesday’s race, Matthew Herd, a political consultant. Herd seems to be running primarily to publicize his consulting business.

On Tuesday, vote for Paul Koretz for City Council.

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One Response to Vote Tuesday – Paul Koretz for City Council

  1. says:

    Paul (Taxman) Koruptz is trying to raise our taxes. Who is the knucklehead who wants higher taxes. Goto and watch Both candidates statements. Don’t listen Koruptz cronnies.

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