Vote Tuesday – Ron Galperin for City Controller


In Tuesday’s election, one of the most important positions up for vote is that of City Controller. It is the Controller who acts as the eyes and ears of taxpayers inside Los Angeles City Hall. And it is the Controller who can audit and expose waste, fraud and abuse in city government – of which there is far too much.

The Melrose Village Blog strongly endorses Ron Galperin for Controller.

Ron has served as Chair of the City of L.A. Commission on Revenue Efficiency, tasked with reforming how the City generates revenue and funds operations. He is the President of the City of L.A. Quality and Productivity Commission. He is also a member of the County of L.A. Quality & Productivity Commission. In all of these roles, Ron has served as an unpaid volunteer and has donated an enormous amount of time – demonstrating his commitment to our city’s future and highlighting his deep expertise in our city’s finances.

Ron’s major opponent in the race is Dennis Zine, a City Council member from the Valley with an undistinguished record. Zine is being heavily funded by city employee unions, who will expect many favors if he gets elected. Another figure in the race is Cary Brazeman, a board member of Mid City West Community Council. Brazeman has shown commitment to our community, but he lacks the experience needed for this position. We are also disappointed to see that Brazeman has begun airing television commercials attacking Ron, attempting to smear him as dishonest because of very minor campaign funding issues from years ago.

Ron is by far the best person for the City Controller job, which is why he has been endorsed by the Los Angeles Times, the Daily News, La Opinion, former Controller Laura Chick and a host of other elected officials.

We also note that Ron would be the first openly gay city-wide elected official in Los Angeles history. (Yes, it has taken this long.)

On Tuesday, we encourage you to vote for Ron Galperin for Los Angeles City Controller.

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