Vote Tuesday – Jan Perry for Mayor

Los Angeles city elections will be held next Tuesday, March 5.  We strongly encourage you to vote.

The location of your polling place is listed on the back of the Official Sample Ballot you should have received in the mail.  For many Melrose Village residents, the polling place is the Poinsettia Park gym.

This year’s election is especially important because Los Angeles is in poor shape, the result of many years of financial mismanagement at City Hall.  The current Mayor and City Council have run the city into the ground.  They have thrown money at city employees and their union heads, and have doled out tax breaks to politically-connected real estate developers. As a result, the city is in a fiscal crisis that could lead to drastic cuts in basic services including public safety, street paving and parks.

Because of the importance of this year’s election, over the next several days the Melrose Village Blog will be making endorsements in major races.

We start with the Mayor’s race, in which we endorse Jan Perry.

Why Jan? She has been one of the most effective members of the City Council, and has helped bring about a revival of downtown Los Angeles. And she is tough enough to take on the special interests that have taken over City Hall. For example, Jan talks forthrightly about the need to rein in the gold-plated pensions of city employees.

Her two main rivals, Eric Garcetti and Wendy Greuel, are both firmly in the pockets of the special interests. Former Mayor Richard Riordan told the Los Angeles Times that Greuel and Garcetti are “under the total control of” unions.

“The city is in and is going deeper into financial disaster,” Riordan said. “I think we have to look hard for other candidates.”… Riordan complained that the top fund-raisers in the race, City Controller Wendy Greuel and Councilman Eric Garcetti, are too beholden to labor. “They’ve voted for everything the unions want them to vote for…”

Two other candidates in the race, Kevin James and Emanuel Pleitez, are both smart and earnest, but neither has a chance of winning.

We are supporting Jan Perry because she is the best candidate, but we also note that if elected, she would become the first female mayor of Los Angeles, the first Jewish mayor of Los Angeles, and the first woman of color to be mayor of any of the biggest US cities.

So the Melrose Village Blog encourages you to vote for Jan Perry for Mayor. But whatever you do, vote on Tuesday. In low-turnout elections, like this one will probably be, your vote has a real impact.

Polls are open Tuesday from 7:00 am to 8:00 pm.

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