Restaurants In, Restaurants Not

The restaurant scene in the neighborhood continues to evolve and, for the most part, get ever better.

As we reported last month, a new Batali-Silverton restaurant named Chi Spacca is opening next to Osteria Mozza on Melrose Avenue, in the old Scuola di Pizza space. Tonight is the first night of service. For reservations, call (323) 297-1133.

A new barbecue restaurant, Bludso’s Bar & Que, helmed by Compton legend Kevin Bludso, is taking over the old Tar Pit space on La Brea Avenue just south of Melrose. Looks like it will open to the public next week. Advance reviews are glowing.

A neighborhood resident informed us that the long-awaited new Italian restaurant Itri, in the old Angeli Caffe space, has sadly been shelved. Apparently there were funding problems between the chef and his investors. Too bad, especially after they had fully renovated the space. Because of its great location, we assume this spot will have a new restaurant soon.

Finally, we heard from another neighbor that the short-lived Paddy Rice, on Melrose just east of La Brea, has been replaced by a new Korean joint called Gang Nam Tofu. Thankfully, they serve more than just tofu.

If you have any other food news, send it over. We like food.

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One Response to Restaurants In, Restaurants Not

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