High-Profile New Restaurants to Open Soon

Our neighborhood is spoiled for good restaurants – and we are about to get even more spoiled.

Eater is reporting that a new Mario Batali-Nancy Silverton restaurant will open February 4 in the under-utilized Scuola di Pizza space on Melrose Avenue, next to the Mozza restaurants.  The place will specialize in cured meats, and Silverton protege Chad Colby will be in charge. Eater says that the restaurant will be named either Chi SPACCA or Chi Spiagga.

Just across Melrose, work continues on the old Raffalo’s space on Highland (near Susan Feniger’s Street) that will house the Ludo Lefebvre-Jon Shook-Vinny Dotolo restaurant.  We reported last October that it will be called Trois Mec (“three guys”), but apparently that is not set in stone.  The restaurant is likely to open in March.  Expect very long waits to get reservations.

Meanwhile, a few blocks west, workers have been renovating the space on La Brea Avenue (just south of Melrose) that formerly housed The Tar Pit.  It will become a barbecue restaurant named Bludso’s, helmed by legendary Compton pit master Kevin Bludso, in conjunction with the owners of The Golden State on Fairfax Avenue. So for everyone who does not want to make the trip down to Compton – and for those of us who still miss the Zeke’s Smokehouse that used to be in the West Hollywood Gateway – this is great news. Bludso’s will feature Texas-style BBQ and craft beers.

On the sweeter front, two new bakeries will open on Beverly Boulevard this year.  BLD pastry chef Mariah Swan will launch ICDC (Ice Cream, Donut, Coffee) right next door to BLD. And Duff Goldman’s Pastry Shop will be opened by the celebrity cake-man on the north side of Beverly, across the street from CBS Studios.

So we will be more spoiled. But full. And happy.

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