Will Fresh & Easy Open on Melrose?

For several months, construction workers have been renovating the building at the southwest corner of Melrose Avenue and Gardner Street.  A Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market was planning to move into the space.

It’s now unclear whether that will ever happen.  Tesco, the large British supermarket company that owns Fresh & Easy, has announced that it is looking to sell all of the stores.

According to this week’s Los Angeles Business Journal:

Tesco’s decision to sell or scrap its failed Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market unit leaves an uncertain fate for nearly four dozen of its stores in Los Angeles and more than 150 throughout the Southwest. Tesco announced last month that it is exploring strategic alternatives for the El Segundo chain, including selling it in whole or in pieces, or shutting it down altogether.

The Journal says that some Fresh & Easy stores could be bought by Dollar General or by Wal-Mart, which is expanding its smaller-size Neighborhood Market and Express formats. However, those retailers seem an unlikely fit for Melrose Avenue.

Our guess? The location will either become a large clothing store, or a small drugstore from a national chain.

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3 Responses to Will Fresh & Easy Open on Melrose?

  1. Dr. Paulette Caswell says:

    I am the Owner of the property immediately behind 7500-7516 Melrose Avenue.
    The Construction Manager HAS CONFIRMED that there will not be any “Fresh & Easy Market” at that location, and the property is now “for sale.”
    HOWEVER, even though they have ripped out all of the previous internal walls on the entire Ground Floor, any future operations at that location WILL BE STOPPED if there is ANY possibility of interference with my three driveways that exit onto the alley (since the 1920s), in violation of California State Law. Or if there is any possibility of violating my Federal and State rights, or any undue interference that is prohibited.
    Dr. Patrick W. Seamans, a Board Member of the Mid-City West Community Council, and a California Licensed Architect, confirmed that “Fresh & Easy” submitted illegally altered drawings, “plans” that were untrue, and filings of at least 2 (or more) illegal construction permit applications.
    In 1997, a large group of local residents OPPOSED the construction of that building, as it violated the Los Angeles City General Plan. But the owners at that time were “friends” of the previous Governmental Official, who completely ignored the local residents.
    There are also valid records that the building is constructed on top of FIVE previous gas stations, and there are NO records that the contaminated land has ever been cleaned of toxic substances in accordance with Federal, State, and Local Environmental Regulations.
    The MENDRA organization (Melrose Neighborhood DISTRICT Residents Association) was established in 1997 when the Los Angeles City Council passed a new General Plan that designates the area, SPECIFICALLY, as both a Neighborhood District AND a Pedestrian District (NOD/POD), which must be obeyed by any and all Commercial activities on both sides of Melrose Avenue from La Brea Avenue to Fairfax Avenue, and on both sides of Fairfax Avenue from Melrose Avenue to Beverly Blvd.

  2. Gina says:

    Darn I was really looking forward to having a fresh and easy there so was a lot of my neighbors. It would have revitalized the area for residents.

  3. tina says:

    I am so disappointed! I was thinking the neighborhood was going to be so walkable!

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