Are You Prepared for an Earthquake or Other Disaster?

Hurricane Sandy, which recently struck the Northeast, was a reminder that it’s vitally important to be prepared in case a disaster strikes close to home. Frankly, we were surprised at how many residents of the Northeast were completely unprepared for the damage caused by the hurricane – even though they had received several days notice of its arrival.

We don’t get hurricanes in Los Angeles, but we do get earthquakes and other natural disasters.  Are you prepared for “the Big One?”

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department just sent out this valuable list of resources for emergency preparedness:

Disasters can affect many people and a wide area such as an earthquake, or can affect less people and a smaller area such as a severe windstorm that knocks down thousands of power lines, blocking streets and making it difficult for repair crews to restore power for many days or over a week.

Even if only a few people are affected, if it’s you, it’s 100%.

Instead of ignoring these facts and hoping for the best, take action now to help yourself and the people you love. Be prepared: 

  • Assemble an emergency supply kit
  • Make your emergency plans
  • Stay informed
  • Get involved in helping your family, your business, and your community be ready for emergencies

Be prepared for when – not if – the next emergency occurs. How prepared are you? Preparedness is a responsibility we all share. Let’s all do our part. Top priorities are shelter, food, water, and power, but there is a lot more to it.

1. Ready, Set, Go! Los Angeles County Fire Department:

2. Safety Preparedness – Los Angeles County Fire Department:

3. Learn what to do BEFORE an earthquake, DURING an earthquake, and AFTER an earthquake – Los Angeles County Fire Dept:

4. Emergency Survival Guide – County of Los Angeles:

5. Citizens Guide to County Services – Los Angeles County:

6. LA-ESP: At the Los Angeles County Emergency Survival Program’s website, you will find a great selection of useful, lifesaving materials and publications for download to share with your family, community, friends, co-workers and children:

7. Seven Steps to Earthquake Safety:

8. Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA):

9. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:

10. Ten Ways YOU Can be Disaster Prepared from the California Emergency Management Agency:

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2 Responses to Are You Prepared for an Earthquake or Other Disaster?

  1. Bob abrahams says:

    You can also become involved in the community so we can help each other in the event of a major emergency. Training is available to become a CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) volunteer. And if you do not want to train as much, you can still help your neighborhood become organized to respond to disasters through the Neighborhood Team Program. See for more information..

  2. Great work Paul and Steve and whoever else is creating this newsletter. super useful information I look forward to receiving. thank you, Jimmy Martinez

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