Melrose Elementary an Apple Distinguished School

This week’s Park La Brea News/Beverly Press has a great article about Melrose Elementary School-Math, Science and Technology Magnet.

For the past two years, the school has been designated an Apple Distinguished School by the famed company – one of only two schools in the Los Angeles school district to be part of this prestigious program.  It is now applying to be part of the program for a third year.

According to the paper:

At Melrose, students in kindergarten through second grade are given iPads at a two-to-one ratio. Second-graders also receive laptops at a two-to-one ratio. All students in grades three through five are given their own laptop that they can use 24/7. While the tablets and laptops are used in the classroom for everyday activities, such as assessments, second- and fourth-graders use their laptops to study animation. In fifth grade, students use them to learn robotics…. Being a part of an Apple Distinguished School will also prepare the students for the jobs of the future…

This year, Melrose Elementary earned a high Academic Performance Index of 881.

The school has improved enormously in recent years due to the tireless efforts of principal Bernadette Lucas, its teachers, parents, and school supporters.  Congratulations to all of them!

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