D. Cobain is a Lame Tagger

You may have recently noticed graffiti of a web site address on walls throughout our neighborhood.  The graffiti was spray-painted on multiple walls – including those of the synagogue Young Israel at the corner of Melrose and Spaulding.

We checked the web site, and it’s for an “artist” named D. Cobain, who claims, “He currently runs D. Cobain, a multimedia art and design studio in Hollywood where he is constantly creating and developing.”

How lame does someone have to be to tag his web site address on other people’s walls – including those of a neighborhood synagogue?

Lame?  Very lame?  Extremely lame?

D. Cobain is the lamest.

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4 Responses to D. Cobain is a Lame Tagger

  1. er says:

    my vote is “extremely”

    what has been done about it?

  2. Joan Fitzpatrick says:

    Cobain should be penilized for his graffiti on our city streets.

  3. We know that community members reported it to the city, but we don’t know if the city has done anything about it.

  4. N.Vimla says:

    Cobain is extremely lame. He should pay for painting over his “work” Messy.

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