La Brea Avenue Paving is Completed

We reported last week that La Brea Avenue between Melrose and Romaine would be paved this week.

We just heard from one of our fearless correspondents that the paving is done. The stretch of road still needs to be re-striped, but it’s okay to drive on La Brea now without delay.

A lot of streets in our neighborhood have been repaved during the past year – which is great to see.

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2 Responses to La Brea Avenue Paving is Completed

  1. c williams says:

    I own a house in Melrose Village, My driveway entrance is so narrow at the street entrance.. How do I get it widened? Where do I start.. I am on Vista Street… Help


    • You will probably have to pay for that to be done yourself. You might want to contact John Darnell, our neighborhood’s field deputy in Los Angeles City Council member Paul Koretz’s office, to see if he knows anything about this type of thing. John’s e-mail address is .

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