Food Glorious Food

Melrose Village and our surrounding neighborhoods have a bounty of great restaurants, and our food options keep getting better and better.

Here are a few of the latest entrants.

Lucifers Pizza, a well-known Los Feliz joint, has opened a new branch on Melrose Avenue just west of La Brea Avenue (in the space formerly occupied by Pinkberry, next to M Cafe).  It specializes in spicy gourmet pizza along with vegan and gluten-free options.


The oddly named ROFL Cafe has taken over the old 8 oz Burger Bar space on Melrose Avenue between Stanley and Spaulding.  ROFL stands for the “Republic of Laughter” (not “Rolling on the Floor Laughing,” as you might think).  This cafe is apparently the offshoot of a Moscow restaurant (yes, Moscow as in Russia).

Govind Armstrong, chef-owner of 8 oz Burger Bar (and Table 8 before it), is involved with ROFL, which serves casual cafe food and Intelligentsia coffee.

Meanwhile, for those of us who venture down to The Grove (which is most of us), a new and very large Umami Burger has opened in the space formerly occupied by a day spa (across the way from the Whisper Lounge, and just east of Wood Ranch BBQ and Grill).



Additional good news:  More of the restaurants in our neighborhood are getting on board the “Sunday Dinner” trend of offering a great meal for a great deal on this less-popular night to eat out.  For a couple of years now, Eva on Beverly Boulevard has had one of the best options (and remains highly recommended).  Now Cube, our favorite Italian restaurant with a non-Italian name, has joined in with a special Fried Chicken dinner.

Every Sunday, Cube offers a $4o prix fixe dinner with a choice of appetizer, a delicious fried chicken entree (half of a bird), and dessert.  The chicken is excellent.  You won’t be able to eat all of it.  Get a doggie bag to take the rest home for lunch on Monday.

Happy eating.

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