Corrupt Doctors on Melrose

NBC4 News has done excellent investigative reporting this month about corrupt doctors who operate medical clinics on Melrose which illegally hand out “marijuana recommendations.”

Their first report focused on the activities of Happy Medical Clinic and the Dr. Lee F. Winkler Clinic, both on Melrose Avenue.  At each location, NBC4 News reporter Joel Grover found that people were being given marijuana recommendations by non-doctors, in violation of state law.  At Happy Medical Clinic, the person handing out the recommendations was actually a massage therapist.

In a follow-up report, Grover found that Happy Medical Clinic had suddenly closed – leaving behind frustrated “patients” whose recommendations were no longer accepted at many marijuana stores.

Unfortunately, the Dr. Lee F. Winkler Clinic still seems to be operating.

If you had not realized by now that “medical marijuana” has become a joke, this is the final piece of evidence.  It’s sad.  All of the contributors to this blog voted in favor of Proposition 215 in 1996.  We did not want to see people with AIDS and cancer getting arrested for smoking pot, if that helped them with nausea and pain.

But the idea of medical marijuana has been corrupted, co-opted, and made ridiculous.  It is now a Marijuana-Industrial-Complex made up of drug-dealing store operators, corrupt doctors, screeching lawyers, and power-hungry lobbyists, as well as kowtowing politicians who are happy to take their campaign contributions.  They don’t want any regulation of their activities – not even the type of basic regulations that pharmacies or liquor stores fall under.

It’s an absurd situation – and it has to end.  Until there are sensible regulations fully in place, all of the marijuana stores and marijuana-doctor offices should be shut down – even if that means the federal government does it.

Bring on the feds!

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