Tirovino Out, The Colonial Wine Bar In

We reported last year about a new wine bar-restaurant named Tirivino in the Melrose space previously occupied by beloved but beleaguered Italian restaurant All’Angelo.

Looks like Tirivino didn’t make it.

Local real estate agent Victoria Massengale wrote to let us know that a new wine bar has taken over the space.  It’s called The Colonial Wine Bar, and it’s the brainchild of David Haskell, formerly of Bin 8945 in West Hollywood.  It features a global wine list paired with a Mediterranean-inspired menu created by consulting chef Pippa Calland (Villetta, Le Madri).

According to Urban Daddy:

It’s a long, regal room that gets darker the farther back you go, with a bar down the left, yellow banquettes down the right and some exposed beams overhead.  (It’s those beams that seem the most… colonial.)  Why you’re here: you’ve got a date who has done bordeaux and is ready to go more off-grid with wines from the far reaches of Hungary and Slovenia.

For this space, we hope the third time is the charm.

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