Update on Melrose Village BID

The Melrose Village Blog has been reporting for some time about the proposed Melrose Village Business Improvement District (BID).  To get an update, we conducted an e-mail interview with Don Duckworth, the consultant who is helping local commercial property owners set up the BID.

Melrose Village Blog:  Is the BID set to start on January 1?

Don Duckworth:  The Melrose BID Formation Committee is working diligently towards their goal having the business improvment district operational by January 1, 2013, although it is not set in concrete yet.  Greater than 50% of all property owners are required to sign Petitions in order to schedule a mailed ballot election on the question of BID formation.  Currently about 30% of all affected property owners have done so, as weighted by the amount of assessments.  The Formation Committee is 60% of the way to achieving their goal.

Melrose Village Blog:  What are some of the short-term goals of the BID, for the first year?

Don Duckworth:  The primary short term goal for Melrose BID operations will be to implement the provision of services for the benefit of customers, business owners, and property owners as quickly as possible.  The result will be an area that is cleaner, greener, more comfortable, safer, and better marketed and promoted.  Specific services to be implemented quickly include: street sweeping, sidewalk pressure washing, trash collection, graffiti & sticker removal, and landscape maintenance.

Also in the short term, the BID will conduct an open participation process of identifying and prioritizing the business district’s long-term needs.

Melrose Village Blog:  What are some of the long-term goals of the BID, for the next several years?

Don Duckworth:  The primary long term goal for the Melrose BID will be to establish a clear strategic action plan for achieving district improvement and service needs that enjoy widespread stakeholder support, and to take specific steps to accomplish them.  It is anticipated that implementation of parking, sidewalk, street tree, and alley improvements may be high on the district’s priority list of actions that will improve business on Melrose.

Surely, stakeholders will present other ideas as well.

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3 Responses to Update on Melrose Village BID

  1. Mark says:

    As a TV producer who lives in the area, it is well known in the industry that it is almost impossible to deal with landlords in this area. Filming brings glamour and tourists to areas. A deal could be made with the local studios on Santa Monica for parking, but all the landlords just want ridiculously high fees for properties now standing empty. The same goes for pop-up stores and restaurants.

  2. Navid says:

    As residents in Melrose Village who would benefit from a cleaner Melrose, can we encourage the Melrose businesses that we patronize to sign on to the BID? For example, would it help to mention the BID to the manager when we are shopping at the business…or is it more of a landlord issue? Perhaps you can post a list of the businesses that are hold outs and need extra encouragement.

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