More on La Brea Avenue

We reported recently about the surge of new developments on La Brea Avenue between Willoughby and Fountain.

Things are happening on La Brea to the south, as well.

Pictured above is the construction site of a new CVS drugstore that is being built at La Brea and 3rd Street.  Due to the smart advocacy and good work of Mid City West Community Council, this store will have a pedestrian entrance at the corner – encouraging more foot traffic in this increasingly popular area.

One block further south, the old Chrysler dealership (on both sides of La Brea) has been purchased by leading developer CIM Group.  Considering the proximity of these properties to the coming Purple Line subway stop at La Brea and Wilshire, we would not be surprised to see mixed-use complexes with housing going up there.

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5 Responses to More on La Brea Avenue

  1. Teresa Feldman says:

    Expect CIM to try to include billboards in their projects.

  2. David says:

    Does anyone know what CIM does plan to do with the old Chrysler dealership? I live nearby and I would love to get my local homeowners association involved in doing what we can to influence final approved design.

  3. David says:

    I couldn’t find an obvious number to call… any suggestions?

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