Lebanese Eatery Set to Open

Eater is reporting that a “fast casual Lebanese” restaurant is set to open soon at Fairfax Avenue and Rosewood.  According to the popular food blog:

Los Angeles is certainly not devoid of great Lebanese/Mediterranean food, dispersed throughout the city from Westwood to The Valley.  However, few eateries, if any, are offering a new contemporary spin to hummus, tabbouleh, and baba ghanoush.  And that’s exactly what restaurateur George Abou-Daoud is doing with Urban Garden, his new fast casual Lebanese spot adjacent to Rosewood Tavern.  Grub Street spotted plywood on Fairfax at Rosewood, and according to Abou-Daoud, come September, this will be a casual but modern order-at-the counter type scenario unlike any of his other ventures such as The Bowery, Mercantile, or Township.  “This is the extreme opposite of anything I’ve done,” explains Abou-Daoud.

He plans to serve his mom’s food (no alcohol), think hummus topped with freshly roasted lamb, or tabbouleh beneath roasted beef.  All organic, natch.  The overall vibe is healthy Lebanese fare served up in a hyper modern setting, clean lines with a white and green color scheme.  Before Urban Garden opens on Fairfax, Abou-Daoud is already negotiating his second location, and plans to launch multiple units throughout the city.  He’s confident that this is LA’s next big bang.

The first M Cafe opened on Melrose Avenue near La Brea, and the concept has since spread around Los Angeles.  And the first Johnny Rockets opened on Melrose before spreading all around the world.  So, perhaps our neighborhood will help launch another restaurant trend – casual Lebanese.

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