Out Goes Pomodoro, In Comes Hot N Juicy Crawfish

Pomodoro was an affordable and reliable Italian restaurant at the West Hollywood Gateway Center, but it looks like it couldn’t make the rent, because the space is now empty and the sign is down.

Apparently the space will soon be filled by Hot N Juicy Crawfish, a Las Vegas favorite that is expanding nationwide.

We will miss Pomodoro, but then again there is no shortage of good Italian food in the neighborhood.  So, we are interested to see what Hot N Juicy Crawfish will offer.  To get a sneak peek at its menu, look here.

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5 Responses to Out Goes Pomodoro, In Comes Hot N Juicy Crawfish

  1. Smanya says:

    Just sent to info@hotnjuicycrawfish.com

    I’m sure you’re restaurant is good and it does great in certain communities, but I’m hoping you will reconsider your new location in West Hollywood on La Brea and Santa Monica Blvd.

    This is a unique space and the neighborhood just doesn’t need or want fried food in a bag. I’m sorry if this is rude, but your odds of succeeding here are virtually none just delaying having a more appropriate restaurant take it’s place.

    Based on what I’ve read and seen you should be looking in the Valley or even on Hollywood Blvd closer to the tourist areas. This is definitely not a tourist neighborhood. You’ve got studio people and very health conscious residents.

    The fact that Zeke’s BBQ failed and Mendocino Farms is succeeding should warn you.

    Thanks for reconsidering

    • Jay says:

      You don’t speak for everyone in the neighborhood. I’m really looking forward to a Cajun Seafood Boil style restaurant to arrive. FYI, shellfish has some of the highest protein to fat ratios around. It is leaner than chicken, turkey and most (vertebrate) fish . Boiled shrimp, for example, is virtually fat free. I realize that Hot n’ Juicy does add oil and spices to is boiled shellfish, but I think you overestimate the health consciousness of the neighborhood. In the same complex there’s a Baja Fresh (cheese and sour cream?) and Crazy Rockin’ Sushi (tempura cream cheese roll anyone?). Zeke’s closed because it was crappy BBQ. I’m sure if Baby Blues opened in that location it would been a success. If you truly want a healthy meal, make something at home.
      (I’m not sure what you mean by “studio” people, but it sound sounds incredibly pretentious and makes people who work in the Film/TV industry, like myself, sound like snobby A-holes)

    • jules says:

      you have no idea what you are talking about. hot n juicy crawfish is not about “fried food in a bag” – it’s fresh boiled seafood marinated in a bag of yummy sauce. it’s very healthy and even the “studio people” will enjoy it. we in the area are all very excited about them opening!

  2. DANY says:


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