La Brea is Booming

There was an excellent article posted last week on LA Streets Blog.  “Five Mega-Projects that Will Transform La Brea,” by Alexander Friedman, describes the changes that are coming to La Brea Avenue between Willoughby and Fountain.  It also shows photos and illustrations of the developments currently being built.

Friedman writes:

People traveling along La Brea Avenue have probably noticed there’s a lot of construction happening.  Considering that the area has been stagnant for a while, new construction is immediately noticed by anyone familiar with the corridor.  And it’s no wonder; many abandoned buildings, parking lots, and blighted areas have been neglected for years.  But now, revitalization is finally upon us.  La Brea is gradually transforming from a dull car corridor to a pedestrian-friendly street.

The photo above shows one of those projects – the new mixed-use development being built at the corner of La Brea Avenue and Santa Monica Boulevard, where an old Carl’s Jr. fast food restaurant used to stand.

You can see the article and graphics here.

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