Best Shawarma in L.A. on Melrose

For a while we had been hearing good things about Ta-Eem Grill, the kosher shawarma shop that opened last year in the Melrose space previously occupied by Sammy’s and Star.  But we never quite got over there to eat.

Then we got some motivation from LA Weekly, which claimed that Ta-Eem has possibly the best shawarma in Los Angeles – and that’s up against competition including Zankou and Falafel Arax.  According to the publication:

Our current favorite, though, might be Ta-eem Grill, a newish Israeli joint on Melrose, where the shawarma is indecently juicy and lightly seared, saturated with lashings of turmeric and cumin.  You choose between a length of baguette or laffa, a thin stretchable flatbread, and build your sandwich by choosing toppings á la Subway: a bit of baba ghanoush, a bit of Israeli salad, a handful of green olives.

Additionally, Los Angeles Magazine just named Ta-Eem to its list of its favorite “101 Cheap Eats.”  They comment:

Tender strips of chicken shawarma are sliced from a spit on full display in the front window.  Juicy beef-and-lamb kabobs shaped like hamburger patties arrive with garlic-chili sauce.  Service is fast and friendly at this kosher Israeli hang, but taste isn’t sacrificed for efficiency.  Delicious sides include fried eggplant bits and a crisp classic: the tomato, cucumber, and parsley salad.

So we finally went and tried Ta-Eem – and it is good.  The chicken shawarma is highly recommended, and the sides are superb.

We disagree with Los Angeles Magazine about the Israeli salad, though.  We have had Israeli salad at many places, and it’s always kind of boring – and this one is no exception. C’mon Israel – you have achieved so much!  Can’t you spice up your salad a little bit?

Ta-Eem Grill is at 7422 Melrose Avenue (near Martel).  The phone number is (323) 944-0013 if you want to call ahead, or to order delivery.

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