Melrose Village BID to Launch January 1

The Melrose Village Blog has reported regularly about plans by the commercial property owners on Melrose Avenue (between Fairfax and La Brea) to create a Business Improvement District (BID).  A BID would pay for numerous improvements and services on the famed corridor.  Potential services include increased trash and litter removal, private security patrols, faster graffiti and sticker removal, better lighting, street trees and beautification, and more marketing of the business district and its excellent restaurants, theaters, and stores.

Denis Weintraub, one of the leaders of the BID effort, recently informed this blog that things are moving forward smoothly.  Denis expects the Melrose Village BID to launch operations on January 1.

This is the best news Melrose Avenue has had in years.  Our City Council member, Paul Koretz, told the Melrose Village Blog, “In a time of tight budgets and cutbacks, a BID is the best tool available to keep streets clean, customers comfortable, and businesses growing and profitable.  I look forward to all the dedicated time and investment from Melrose stakeholders paying off in the form of a popular, reinvigorated Melrose that we will all be proud of.”

Anyone who has been on Highland Avenue recently can tell you what a difference a BID makes.  The Hollywood Media District BID has done a great job of fixing up Highland.  What used to be a barren concrete highway is now a pleasant street with beautiful medians, street trees, attractive lighting, and an increasing number of thriving stores and restaurants.

We will bring you further news on the Melrose Village BID as it develops.

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2 Responses to Melrose Village BID to Launch January 1

  1. We would love to be involved! – Natalie from the Melrose Trading Post

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